005. Slash

When you don’t know the route to your destination, take your mobile and google maps will do the job for you. In the world of now, there is a declaration and solution for everything, it is full of systems, manuals and clarity.

But for the route to your own vision as an artist there is no manual to follow. Art is created from a place of not knowing. This unclearness is the power of creation, it gives us the freedom to develop our own handwriting and to think beyond boundaries.

Our research has shown that especially the future art academy students are looking for clarity. “What should be in my portfolio?” Is a good example. We designed an evening for our future students that started out with as much clearness as possible, to then slowly let them make the dive into the unclearness of the art world.

Important extra skills we learned during this project: Organizing an event outside school, graphic Facebook promotion, managing sponsorship from creative institutions in Rotterdam.

Facebook banner for our event

Book with all the work of the future students that they made during our event