003. smart jungle

In our Smart City we live of electricity, Wi-Fi and data. Without them our world would collapse, it’s like air, the fundament of the existence of the Smart City. If someone would take these thinks away from us the resistance would be immense. But what if I would tell you that we in this right second are happily cooperating in transforming our real main source of live into consumption materials; the deforestation.

I collected the data of our three popular school printers, and came out on the fact that we cut down 2 trees a week to print out our work.
And if that isn’t enough we through piles of it away that didn’t come out as we wished. I decided to start collecting these unwanted sheets and made a book out of it.

In this book I made the problem visible by peronalizing it and relateble by bringing it down to terms we know all to well. I used the data of the trees of Rotterdam as cover.

Book cover

Kralingse Bos in 7 hours, if we would cut down the trees on our own ground.