001. In search of authenticity

Research on The Barbarians by Alessandro Baricco

Our society has this abnormal almost immoral hunger for money, and we know all to well that when there is a scarcity of a particular product people are willing to pay the ultimate price. Authenticity is one of those products, especially in the western world of today where we are all looking for this glimpse of purety which hasn’t yet been affected by society. Authenticity is thereby transformed into a commercial product with a lot of economic potential, a manipulated commercialization of authenticity.

You can look at it as a vicious circle, when we get to close to authenticity it disappears, we will look harder, and again it disappears. As I was writing this sentence down one line unexpectedly slipped in an other direction and broke the vicious circle. This was my answer, Spontaneity isn’t manipulable, spontaneity is the way back to authenticity.